This bundle includes the wigmaking course ( £369) and the human hair wig colouring course (£249)


Invest in this course today and start making extra money for yourself! You could easily be earning an extra £500-1000 a month if you invest in your learning today! Obviously the more hours you put in the more you'll get out!

What Is Inside This Course:

  • measuring a clients head correctly
  • how to pin a frontal to a cap correctly
  • prepare a wig for sewing
  • making a professional lace wig on a machine / handstitching
  • sewing a lace closure wig and a lace frontal wig
  • customisation methods - such as bleaching knots, adding elastic bands and plucking hairlines
  • cutting a wig into a concave bob
  • understanding where to source quality hair and list of trusted suppliers

This course is 80% video based and 20% theory. The course can be accessed anytime after purchasing and you learn at your own pace and in your own time.

This course is predominantly aimed at machine sewn wigs, so you will need a sewing machine. However, you can still take the course if you are handstitching and many students have successfully started heir businesses with just the handstitch methods.

We do provide a kit for the course including everything you need to make the wig and follow the video tutorials. Inside the kit you will find for eg, lace frontal, hair bundle, wig cap, canvas block head, measuring tape, pins, threads etc. Please check your email after buying the course because we will need to ask for your shipping address. For obvious reasons we dont include a sewing machine. that's something you will need to buy yourself. Brands we recommend are Janome, Brother, Singer and John Lewis

Optional things you might want to buy that we don't include in the kit include:

  • bleach and developer. truzone is a cheap brand for eg and again you can buy this on ebay or amazon. Please bear in mind, if you don't want to bleach the knots, then you don't have to. We show it in the course, but its optional.

The colouring course coursed is aimed at people with very limited hair colour knowledge who want to learn valuable theory and methods which will improve their wig making work/ colour their own wigs at home

You'll be taught by an experienced NVQ Level 2 and 3 pro stylist and wig pro who teaches you some really valuable methods, such as even her own perfected formulas for certain colours, in order, to start thinking about how you can make colours to put on your wigs and bundles that will be rich in colour as opposed to flat box dye colours.

This course is 80% video content and is self paced. You don't need ant kit for the course, you just watch the videos and learn or follow as you go along at your own time and speed. The course can be accessed anytime after purchasing.

What is included in the course:

  • Colour Wheel Theory - understanding how to neutralise tones
  • Colour Numbering System Theory - Depth Vs Tones
  • How To Mix Certain Formulas and Understanding Mixing Ratios
  • Understanding How Bleach & Peroxides Work Properly
  • Different Colour Techniques, Including Ombre & Rainbow hair
  • Highlighting Techniques - including 4 Balayage techniques, Full Head and Half Head Highlights
  • Colour Strand Testing & Showing the Do's & Dont's
  • Uncovering My Own Colour Formulas For My Own Wigs
  • Trusted List Of Suppliers Where You Can Buy Hair & Product From
  • Trusted list of suppliers that you can purchase hair and materials from

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